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Cockoo - Iona

Breakfast Band - Dolphin Ride

Shusha - From East To West

L Shankar - Touch Me There


Steve Harley - Stranger Comes To Town

J Lascelles - Aspects Of Joy

>> James Lascelles Quartet info .pdf

James Lascelles Quartet - Glasshouses

I was invited to play in Seborga by a friend who was organising a Native American exhibition in the beautiful Principality of Seborga, on the French/Italian border in the mountains overlooking Monaco. I played a solo gig for the villagers and the elected Prince and his wife. Memorable!

Had a couple of wonderful reunion gigs with my old band The Breakfast Band at The Tabernacle and Hideaway in London. Courtney Pine came and blew a storm at one of the Tabernacle gigs and the band sounded like it never been away.

Original crew Kuma Harada, Winston Delandro, Ken Eley, James Lascelles, Richard Bailey, Annise Hadeed and Tony Maronie brought their irresistible original high energy mix of sounds and styles.

Breakfast Band live at The Tabernacle

Backstage in St Petersburg with Rolling Stones

Flew to Warsaw in 2007 for the first of 2 shows with Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel, supporting The Rolling Stones. One word for it. FRIGGING-AWESOME!! Even if you aren't a fan, and I followed them in the early days but not so much recently, you couldn't fail to be gobsmacked by the sheer scale and scope of the set-up. That stage! It has long, elongated wings and a centre where the musicians are mostly playing and then, halfway through the show, the middle part moves hydraulically forward, way, way out into the crowd until the boys are playing in the round. The Stones miss the sense of intimacy from a club gig, something they can never go back to, and so created this feat of engineering. There are 2 stages on the go during tours, so the next stage was being set up in St Petersburg, our future destination.

A word must go to the passionate Poles; they didn't really know Steve's songs but responded lustily and gave a grand cheer at the end of our show. It was just getting dark as we finished and 40.000 were crowded round the end of a horse racing track of a venue to hear the boys. And what an entrance. Fireworks and lasers coming out of the massive tower-block of a lighting rig and then, lit up on the big screen,was Keith, slashing out the chords to "Start me up". There was no holding back and Mick and the boys gave a consummate lesson in showmanship, Mick running and leaping around the stage like a teenager. He has to go into training mode weeks before a tour but they all looked lean and mean and delivered the template on rock n roll performances!

On to St Petersburg. The jewel of Eastern Europe and this time, we were pitching camp in the Tsar's winter palace, the Hermitage Square. The stage was surrounded by this beautiful green-walled palace and the square could accomodate 60,000, the number predicted. In truth, they could've let in many more.

Soundchecking on Rolling stones stage at Hermitage Sq, St Petersburg

It was harder work winning over those surly Russkies and we had some technical problems, but I still had to keep pinching myself that I was really here, playing in such surroundings! It being northern Europe, night wasn't scheduled to fall till around 11.30pm and I wondered how the Stones would look without those driving lights. Before their show, they graciously agreed to have a photo shoot with us and were very appreciative and thanked us for coming and being part of the tour. Charlie came into the dressing room (we were warming up) and personally thanked us all and commented on how much he enjoyed us the other night.

"Where were we?", asked Mr Watts.
"Warsaw, Charlie", we replied. "You guys were great! How was it for you?"
"Oh yeah, Poland, wasn't it? How was it? Dunno really, I just bash around for 2 hours and then move on to the next one!"
A real gentleman, that Charlie Watts, if a little forgetful! Ronnie Wood also came in and said hello; he knew Jim Creegan, who was playing guitar with us for the Russian show, from Rod Stewart days; Jim replaced Ronnie when he left to join the Stones. Small world!


Biggest show in the UK!! It was enormous fun, enjoyed by nearly 1000 people every night of our 21 show run, situated on the grounds of Harewood house, just outside Leeds. The cast itself was over 100 strong, with a 14 piece band, choir, community chorus, dancers, singers, actors not to mention the stage crew and steel band who nearly stole the show each night with their rendition of the Hallelujah chorus. Handel's Messiah will never sound the same!