Dublin Castle, London, 25th April 2014
Tony Bugbear

Subtitle - mad for it clattersome alt rock with wonderfully wayward intensity pitching up some strange but beautiful place where Pere Ubu, Queens Of The Stone Age and punk rock classique coalesce.

Tony Bugbear, Bugbear Promotions, 25th April 2014

Hope & Anchor, London, 11th April 2006
John Swaine

Good to see Subtitle tonite - the long standing neon favourites return with a dark but chilled rock vibe, while still managing to be as intense as ever and including a new, funky element. Bass winds about sweetly while Nico's Strat crunches and twangs away. There's a somewhat jazzy flavour in the air. The strong passionate vocal crowns the songs as always, and the band take us through a very rewarding set that delivers much light and shade. Quiet bits are very intense, and the band blast forth at times while including all manner of fancy flourishes. Good solid rock as ever, now available with a hint of jazz.

John Swaine, Neon Promotions, 11th April 2006

Freshsound Showcase, Mean Fiddler, London, 20th December 2002
Igor Kondrashev

Openers Subtitle set the benchmark for the night with their melodic, fauvist hard rock of stop start cadences ebullient in their complexity, occasionally veering into funk punk and fronted by the contemporary equivalent of a febrile Eddie Vedder. Albeit bearing questionable body paint and unleashing the odd technical mistake, they deliver a storming set which leaves a deep imprint.

Considering the showcase from a lateral perspective, openers Subtitle shine brightest, their hybrid of styles soon to effloresce into a deft musical presence. The other participants sow a seed of worry in the psyche of any discerning music listener, if only by their lack of imagination. In a perfect world Subtitle's originality would be deemed a quality more valuable to a record company than the marketability of their co-performers.

Igor Kondrashov, 20th December 2002